Outsourcing and complex IT projects call for tailor made legal solutions, which offer for both the principal and the service provider an enduring and sustainable basis for the implementation of their strategies. This demands a legal framework that responds to the needs of the business, rather than the reverse, and employs clear, exhaustive rules and comprehensible terminology which avoids potential conflict in the future, yet remains flexible enough to enable innovation. Our consulting activities always promote a pragmatic, feasibility oriented approach.


We are well positioned as a » specialist of specialists « and accompany diverse projects in areas of outsourcing, systems development, integration, cloud computing, IT allocation, data protection and compliance as well as in specialist fields, such as IT security for critical infrastructure, card processing and e-health. Alongside the necessary legal expertise we have a profound technical understanding of the matter in hand.

Accompanying outsourcing projects with industry specific requirements is a particular focus of our work. We can draw on extensive experience within the banking and financial services sector, including regulatory requirements.

An increasingly important area of our consulting activity lies within the field of IT litigation, particularly mediation, arbitration and court proceedings.