Financial markets are closely interrelated and connections between banks, stock exchanges, issuers and investors are multiple and complex. Existing structures change rapidly. Business models constantly evolve and advance and sometimes even induce fundamental market transformation.

These market conditions are mirrored in the interface of banking, stock exchange and capital market regulation. Practically no other area of law is characterised by a comparable regulatory dynamic and legal density. National and European regulators ensure that market participants adhere to these rules. Uniform standards, transparency and close cross-border cooperation and coordination amongst financial supervisors shall contribute to an early detection of erroneous market trends and to provide for effective remedies.


Our clients include universal and direct banks, investment firms, capital management companies and fintech-companies as well as investors and issuers. We provide legal advice on the organisation of their business activities and the structuring of commercial relationships, in matters of equity and debt capital financing as well as the configuration of respective business services and its constant development.

Our work spans from banking and investment services, securities trading and fund management to the outsourcing of financial services and internal process. A special feature of our work is to connect civil law issues with the regulatory environment. Essential pillars of our banking practice are matters of market integrity, compliance, investment law and money laundering prevention. True to our claim "premium thinking" we deliver high quality advice teamed with pragmatic and creative solutions. We comment on regulatory developments under our designated blog: Marktintegrität.


Not all legal conflicts within banking, stock exchange and capital markets law can be settled amicably. We strive to break down barriers and repel supervisory measures and sanctions yet. The enforcement of legal interest in matters of dispute is one of our core competencies. Besides the representation of our clients in court or arbitration proceedings this also includes the development of a comprehensive conflict strategy.