Real Estate

Construction and real estate companies, as well as companies outside the real estate sector, rely on us as legal advisors for their construction and real estate law matters: the planning, construction, acquisition or development, financing, leasing, management and marketing, up to the sale of their properties.

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The basis of our advice in the area of “Real Estate” is many years of experience. Clients appreciate our solution-oriented expertise and our management skills, both in large projects and in the context of ongoing “day-to-day” advice on construction and real estate law. In effective teams and with a high level of partner involvement, we focus our advice on the specific needs of the client and the requirements of the concrete task in question.

We ensure smooth internal connections to other areas of law that are affected by the real estate mandate. For example, listed real estate companies or their investors regularly use our expertise in capital markets law. The public sector appreciates our accompanying advice on public procurement and budget law. In connection with the investment of the funds entrusted to them in real estate, professional pension funds and associations often make use of our proven expertise in the area of supervisory law, which is also often brought to bear in the structuring and support of complex real estate financing. Real estate investors also rely on our expertise in the area of transactions outside the real estate sector, because, for example, the acquisition of real estate companies may also give rise to other transaction-specific issues, e.g. in the area of corporate and labour law.

Advice on construction and real estate law must be pragmatic and goal-oriented. We are the client's strategic partner and our mandate is not limited to the technical processing of legal issues. We build on a close working relationship with the client, who seeks our legal advice as owner, contractor, architect, project developer, investor, operator or lender/borrower. Our success is reflected in a large portfolio of long-standing national and international clients in the real estate sector.

We also support our clients in resolving conflicts out of court and, if necessary, represent them in court.