Premium Thinking

premium thinking

pre|mi|um think|ing ['primjәm θıŋkıŋ]

1. distinctive thinking; 2. to think with vision; 3. to think differently; 4. to allow the unconventional; 5. similar: insight, cognition, appreciation, understanding; 6. in the widest sense premium thinking describes an ability to understand complex interrelations without prejudice and develop targeted solutions based thereupon.

Team Waldeck


Economy and society have today reached a complexity that makes it difficult to understand them with existing patterns of thought, and this equally applies to legal advice. Tasks which we are now confronted with require a creative and unconventional approach and this has consequences for our consulting activities: Our thinking must be open, independent and impartial, and not merely limited to legal considerations, in order to develop the best solutions for our clients.


We are an experienced team with extensive knowledge of diverse areas of legal activity. Following many years of private practice we know our work and its application in depth and combine this experience with the advantages of a compact, highly qualified, efficient and flexible working unit represented by transparent cost structures.

Effective information sharing and decision making processes ensure the highest efficiency while goal orientation underpins our consulting activities to clients. As a corporate law firm our focus is to provide legal services which accompany the professional management of projects that require experience, creativity and innovative solutions. A high degree of partner engagement alongside a close consulting relationship are naturally essential dimensions of this process.


High quality necessitates good cooperation, both with our clients and internally, so we pay particular attention to the human factor when choosing members of »Team Waldeck« rather than purely legal qualifications alone. Good counsellors are individuals with their own ideas and opinions, as well as unique characteristics. One of our trademarks is that we are homogeneous in being heterogeneous, working together towards one identical goal but often through different means.


Today’s world is too complex, fast-paced and volatile for conventional modes of thought, yet we are fully aware of this and have committed ourselves to »premium thinking«. We aim to leave existing patterns of thought and follow new, as yet untrodden, paths which go further than others. We believe it is important and necessary to refrain from merely offering standard answers when individual solutions are required. In one sentence: We wish to create knowledge instead of merely recycling it.