Infrastructure connects people, industry and commerce and promotes competition. It is of key importance for a functioning internal market. Its targeted development is a key priority of comprehensive legislative initiatives, both on a national and European level.


We are legal advisors of the public authorities, infrastructure managers and investors and assist them in the implementation of major national and international road, rail and air traffic infrastructure projects. On behalf of governmental ministries we act as legal experts in pioneering research projects. In such projects we examine for instance the feasibility of sustainable traffic management concepts as well as the suitability of private law and public law based organisational structures and incentive schemes for a cost effective infrastructure provision. As a regulatory law firm we are fully proficient with requirements for levying charges and fees for the use of central infrastructure facilities.

The spectrum of our consulting activities ranges from analysing alternative privatisation concepts for Deutsche Bahn AG or examining appropriate traffic management instruments for shifting heavy goods vehicles from road to rail in the Alpine transit right through to analysing the position of for Germany as a leading air traffic hub to supporting new initiatives for an effective implementation of the Single European Sky.

In many projects we work together with leading consulting firms as well as technical and scientific institutes. We have in depth knowledge of the transportation market environment and the requirements of stakeholders within this sector.

Our clients value our proven expertise and ability to develop innovative concepts. A cornerstone of our success is an efficient interaction with the areas M&A and Banking.